(IVS) Industrial Valve Supply B.V., located in The Netherlands, is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, international and independent supplier of various Valve types, Controls & Accessories. We are specialized in the delivery of all kind of sizes, classes and materials, related to the ANSI & DIN market. We are focused on Daily Trade and Projects. We offer single piece valves up to complete valve packages. One stop shop, for all your valve needs.

Specialized in ‘special -’ or ‘hard to find-’ valves, from stock or short lead time valves in exotic materials, or with specific approvals or specifications.

We source throughout the world to maintain the best quality and delivery for all our customers. Our extensive network and strong relationships with stockists and key manufacturers give us the confidence to deliver the service, quality and value our customers have come to expect.

Our extensive product line consists of a broad range of ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, and check valves utilized throughout the markets of Oil and gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Energy, Pulp and Paper, Power Plants, Water & Waste Water Industries and Tank Terminals.


  • ‘Special -’ or ‘hard to find-’ valves, from stock or short lead time valves in exotic
    materials, or with specific approvals or specifications.
  • Delivery of high quality from the well-known brands and related factories.
  • Fast track, just in time delivery.
  • We are in the possession of most AML’s (Approved Manufacturers Lists).
  • Specs like Norsok, Shell MESC, Aramco, Total.
  • Locating and delivery of stock valves from the stockists worldwide.
  • Daily trade or project related commodity items as well.


  • Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Knife gate valves: In Cast (API600), Forged (API602) or DIN in standard or special construction like: High Pressure Seal, Cryogenic, Bellows Seal, Jacketed, Extended bonnet, Valv-O-Let, . .
  • Ball valves: Floating or Trunnion mounted and Double Block and Bleed.
  • High Performance Butterfly valves: Resilient, Centric, Double and Triple eccentric. – Wafer, lugged or flanged.
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Control Valves: Linear or Rotating actuated.
  • Instrumentation valves, Double Block and Bleed, High pressure Needle and Ball valves, Manifolds.
  • Actuation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic actuated.

Additional items like:

  • Y-T-Strainers – Steam traps – Safety Valves – Sight Glasses – Solenoid valves – Compensators – Flame and Detonation Arresters and other related products as well when help is needed.


#150, #300, #600, #800, #900, #1500, #2500, #4500 / PN10-PN160

1/2” up to 48” / DN 15 up to DN 1200

Flanged RF or RTJ, BW, SW, NPT, BSP, Lugged, Hub ends.

Forged, Cast or from machined bar. Cast Iron, ductile iron, Carbon Steel, Low temp CS, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Bronze, Ni-All-Bronze, Alloys (in various trims), like:  A216 WCB-WCC, A352 LCB-LCC, A105-LF2, WC6-WC9, F11-F22, C5-C12, F5-F9. F304-F316, F321-F347-F44, F51-F55.


Modifications ~ Special Testing ~ Machining ~ Inspection ~ Logistics ~ Data books ~ Tagging services ~ Actuation packages ~ Packing: Domestic and Export crating